Tricot Printed Fabric Price List

As you know, there are different types of tricot fabrics, each of which has its own application. In the meantime, tricot printed fabric has many designs that have led to its popularity in the fabric market. If you want to know the price list of tricot printing fabric, you should contact the stores that supply these products to be informed about the updated prices of this product. In this regard, It must be pointed out that many manufacturers in the country are active in the field of tricot fabric and offer this product to the market with different qualities. Contact us for more information.

Tricot Printed Fabric Price List

5 Amazing Things about Tricot Printed Fabric

5 Amazing Things about Tricot Printed Fabric In this section, our goal is to provide information about fabric. Here are 5 things you need to know about tricot printed fabric. This product is a type of knitted product that has many uses. They sew all kinds of socks, T-shirts, underwear and so on. It is worth mentioning that such fabrics are produced in two ways: round and flat.

Also about the characteristics of tricot printed fabric, it is necessary to pay much attention to the type of yarn and the type of texture; Because it is produced in different types, which can be called polyester tricot, judon, lacra, melange, cotton, etc. On the other hand, this variety has made the original printed fabric find excellent specifications, some of which are:

  1. They have unique colors and designs.
  2. They are easy to wash and durable.
  3. Can be used in sewing different clothes.
  4. They have good elasticity.
  5. They are gentle and do not cause skin allergies.

Classification of Tricot Printed Fabric Based on Quality and Color

Classification of Tricot Printed Fabric Based on Quality and Color The color of the fabric is basically composed of colored pigments that are emulsified with an adhesive, causing the pigment to adhere to the surface of each fabric. These colors are presented in different forms, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses. The color of the fabric is classified according to its base: Acrylic, alcohol or paint.

The best fabric color for a project depends on the type of fabric used and the look you want. It is important to know that fabrics are classified based on the materials used in them, the type of texture, the type of production, and so on. Fabrics are divided into two categories in terms of fiber material and quality: natural and synthetic.

  1. Natural fabrics: These are the fabrics that human beings make by falling into the soul of nature and its tin and suppression. These include animal skins, silkworm cocoons and plant seeds. This type of fabric is breathable and in addition to being soft and durable, it does not cause allergies. Natural fabric is the best choice for everyone. This fabric does not change color due to ultraviolet rays. In short, all the virtues of fabrics lie in this fabric.
  2. Synthetic fabric: Made from fibers that are either made entirely of inorganic materials or organic materials mixed with chemicals. Synthetic fabrics have many properties for the purpose for which they are made. Some are lightweight and extremely delicate, while others absorb moisture and dry quickly. Few types are very luxurious and similar to other natural fabrics, and some are very strong and thick.

Affections of Tricot Printed Fabric Packaging on Price

Affections of Tricot Printed Fabric Packaging on Price As you know, fabric packaging has a great impact on sales and even its price. Likewise, countless customers and consumers can be seen who are fascinated by first-class products with beautiful packaging, because these customers go to centers to enjoy this fabric, where these centers can meet all their needs. To solve in a very important way and deliver quality products to them.

One of the most important centers that offers this product and is very reputable and has started its activities under the supervision of this site, has started to offer products at reasonable prices. Therefore, in addition to domestic and Iranian customers from all over the world and various other countries, it has a very good customer base. Therefore, the export of printed tricot fabrics with the highest quality is being implemented.