Tricot Knit Fabric Exports in the World

The export of tricot knit fabric is very large in the world. This fabric is very high quality and famous. Knitted fabrics with a great variety of colors are very attractive to buy, but because of their counterfeit material in the market, many families have stopped buying this type of fabric and buy clothes or other fabrics. They take action in many cases, due to the dehydration of these fabrics, the purchase of these fabrics is followed by much debate.

Tricot Knit Fabric Exports in the World

Every Things about Tricot Knite Fabric

Every Things about Tricot Knite Fabric The clothes produced by these natural fabrics are great for parties and suitable for any kind of happy reception and glamorous family celebrations. Garments made of knitted fabric or round knitwear, if made of suitable and quality yarn, are unique and clothes or any fabric will not be able to compete with it. Because clothes made of round knitted fabric with all the beauty and charm will never sweat. Although the dress sewn with round fabric is more expensive, but its quality and attractiveness is unique for every woman and can be used for any important occasion. These fabrics have elastic properties and are widely used to show body volume, and with each wash, the beauty and attractiveness of the body becomes more visible. Usually, people who buy counterfeit fabric for their clothes or counterfeit clothing from this type of fabric, as soon as it comes in contact with water, it loses its properties and begins to shrink or shrink, if this is the case in The case of the main fabrics has been inverted, and with each wash, these fabrics find a more suitable condition.

It is a special type of fabric with a circular texture. This type of fabric is produced in two types, flat and round. In knitwear, there is no news about the warp and weft that is used in the production of flat weave fabrics. In this type of fabric, the material and quality of the yarn have a significant effect on its price, then other factors such as the type of color of the printing design.

Highly knitted knitted fabric: When buying a knitted fabric, you must pay attention to the yarns used in it. In the production of knitted fabric, various yarns are used, for example, lacquer yarn, which gives the fabric a very stretchy state, and even after washing, its elastic quality does not decrease and retains its original state.

Filament knitted fabric: As its name suggests, filament fibers are used in the preparation of this fabric, which is made of synthetic fibers and has no natural roots at all. In addition to being stretchy, this fabric has a gloss that has caused a large number of people to use it.

Viscose knitted fabric: This fabric is obtained from the center of the wood of the tree, which is obtained from a substance called cellulose. This material is converted into fibers in the form of paste and in steps. These fibers are sent to textile mills to be turned into yarn, where they are turned into knitwear.

Are There Tricot Knit Fabric in All Seasons?

Are There Tricot Knit Fabric in All Seasons? Knitted fabric is very suitable not only for the spring seasons but also for the cold seasons of the year due to its different types. The types of knitted fabric are:

1 – Polyester: Polyester is a composite fabric made with petroleum products. Its features include durability and ease of washing.

2 – Judon: Judon weaving in two types, simple and round, is one of the most widely used types of knitwear in the knitting industry.

3 – Lacra: It is a synthetic fabric that is more durable and stronger than natural plastic. It is mostly used in sportswear

4 – Melange: This split tricot fabric is made of composite fibers with different designs, of which 35% is cotton yarn and the other 65% is polyester, which has led to it being called synthetic fabric or nylon. Melange uses include women’s blouses, shirts and skirts. The lightness and radiance of this type of fabric, which is more popular among women, is due to the polyester fibers used in it.

Direct Selling of Tricot Knit Fabric

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